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"Super Semar" mystery

"Super Semar"or "Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret"(March eleven warrants) was a warrant that signed by Soekarno on 11th march 1966.

This letter contains commands that instruct Soeharto, as Commander of the Operational Command of Security and Order (Commander) to take all necessary actions to address the poor security situation at the time.

Warrant of March this is the version that is released from the Army Headquarters (AD) were also recorded in the history books. Most of the historians Indonesia said that there are different versions that are still searchable text Supersemar Supersemar issued by President Sukarno in Bogor Palace.


One version Supersemar (Center for History and Tradition TNI).

 Why It out?

According to the official version, originally Supersemar discharge occurs when, on March 11, 1966, the President convened the Cabinet swearing-enhanced Dwikora known as the "100 cabinet ministers". At the time the trial began, Brigadier General Sabur as commander of the presidential guard troops' Tjakrabirawa reported that many "wild forces" or "unknown forces" which was later known is Kostrad troops under the command of Major-General Kemal Idris charge of detaining people who are in the Cabinet allegedly involved in the G-30-S include Deputy Prime Minister I Soebandrio.
Based on these reports, together with the Vice President I Soebandrio Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Chaerul III went to Bogor by helicopter that had been prepared. While the trial was finally closed by the Deputy Prime Minister II Dr.J. Leimena which followed the Bogor.
The situation is reported to Major-General Suharto (who later became President of replacing Sukarno), which at that time as Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Ahmad Yani replace the fallen aftermath G-30-S/PKI it. Major General (Mayjend) Soeharto did not attend the cabinet meeting due to illness. (Some people assessing the absence Soeharto cabinet meeting considered the scenario Suharto to wait for the situation. Because regarded as a gaffe).
Major General Suharto sent three high-ranking officers (AD) to Bogor to meet President Soekarno at the Bogor Palace Brigadier General M. Jusuf, Brigadier General and Brigadier General Amirmachmud Basuki Rahmat. Arriving at the Bogor Palace, at night, there was talk among the three high-ranking Army with the President of the circumstances and the three officers stated that Soeharto Mayjend able to control the situation and restore order when given a letter of assignment or a power of attorney authorizing him to take action. According to Gen. (ret) M Jusuf, talks with President Soekarno until 20:30 pm nightly.
President Sukarno agreed to it and made an order known as the Order of March which is popularly known as Supersemar addressed to Mayjend Soeharto as commander of the Army to take the necessary measures to restore security and order.Supersemar2
Supersemar letter arrived in Jakarta on March 12, 1966 at 01.00 local time brought by the Secretary of the Army Headquarters, Brigadier General Budiono. It is based on the narrative Sudharmono, at which time he received a call from Mayjend Sutjipto, Chairman of the G-5 KOTI, March 11, 1966 at around 10 pm. Sutjipto called for the dissolution of the Communist Party concept was prepared and had done that night. The requ
est was on the orders of Commander Mayjend held by Suharto. Even Sudharmono was arguing with Moerdiono legal basis Supersemar text until it arrives.

Super Semar President

Super Semar 2

 Some controversy about Supersemar

According to one of the three army officers who finally received the letter, when they read the letter again on the way back to Jakarta, one of the officers who then read it commented "Why is khan transfer of power". It is not clear then the original script Supersemar because a few years later the original manuscript of this letter missing and the loss of this letter is not clear by whom and where as perpetrators of history events "birth Supersemar" has passed away. Later, the family M. Jusuf said the manuscript Supersemar exists on private documents M. Jusuf stored in a bank.

According to the testimony of one of the presidential guards at the Bogor Palace, First Lieutenant (First Lieutenant) Sukardjo Wilardjito, when the confession was written in various media after the reforms of 1998 that also marked the end of the New Order government of President Suharto. He stated that the officers who attended the Bogor Palace on the evening of March 11, 1966 at 01.00 local time dawn not three but four officers ie officers followers Brigadier General (Brig) M. Panggabean. Even at the time of Supersemar Brig M. Joseph brought folder Headquarters Army logo pink and Gen. M. Pangabean and Brig Basuki Rahmat pointing a gun towards the President and insisted that the President signed the letter which he said that an Order of March is not clear what it is. Sukardjo First Lieutenant who was in charge of guarding the president, also reply to put the gun in the direction of the generals but President Sukarno ordered Soekardjo to drop his gun and sheathed. According to him, the President then signed the letter, and after signing, the President advised that the situation has been stabilized, the mandate should be immediately returned. The meeting broke up, and when the four officers were returned to Jakarta. Soekardjo President Sukarno told that he must get out of the palace. "I have to get out of the castle, and you have to be careful," he mimicked the message of President Soekarno. Not long after (about 30 minutes ago) Bogor Palace was occupied by troops of the Special Forces and the Strategic Reserve Command, First Lieutenant Sukardjo and his fellow guards stripped then captured and held in a military detention and discharged from military service. Some have doubted the testimony Soekardjo Wilardjito, even one of the perpetrators of history Supersemar, Gen. (Ret.) M. Jusuf, and Gen. (ret) M Panggabean denied the incident.

According to testimony A.M. Hanafi in his book "AM Hanafi Sues Suharto coup", a former Indonesian ambassador in Cuba unconstitutionally dismissed by Soeharto. He denied the testimony of Lieutenant Sukardjo Wilardjito saying that the presence of General M. Panggabean the Bogor Palace with three other generals (Amirmachmud, M. Jusuf and Basuki Rahmat) on March 11, 1966 morning who guns against President Sukarno. According to him, at that time, President Soekarno stay at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, for the purposes of a cabinet meeting in the morning. Similarly, all the ministers or most of the ministers had to stay in the palace in order to avoid that the new coming the next day, the demonstrations that have been huddled in Jakarta. AM Hanafi Himself present at the hearing with the Deputy Prime Minister (Deputy Premier) Chaerul Saleh. According to the writings in his book, the three generals was that they are the ones who go to the Bogor Palace, to meet President Soekarno who went there first. And he thinks they departed from the previous palace, palace Amir Machmud free call to Commissioner Soemirat, personal bodyguard of President Soekarno in Bogor, asked for permission to come to Bogor. And all of that there are witnesses-witnesses. The three generals seem to have brought the text, which is called now Supersemar. That's where Bung Karno, but not a gun, because they come in fine. But outside the palace is surrounded demonstrations and tanks in the streets outside the palace. Given such circumstances, it seems Bung Karno signed the letter. So AM Hanafi stated, knowing him, because he did not attend but was in Bogor Presidential Palace together with other ministers. So yangdatang to Istana Bogor no General Panggabean. Mr Panggabean, who at that time served as Minister of Defense, was not present.

About typist Supersemar. Who actually typed letter, is still unclear. There are some people who claim to type the letter, among others, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Army Ebram Ali, at that time the Intelligence Assistant staff Cakrabirawa.

Testimony submitted to the foreign historian, Ben Anderson, by a soldier who had served in Bogor Palace. The Army argues that Supersemar typed on letterhead letter Army headquarters, not on presidential letterhead paper. This is according to Ben is the reason why Supersemar lost or deliberately omitted.
Various efforts have made the National Archives to get clarity on this letter. In fact, the National Archives have repeatedly asked the General (Ret.) M. Joseph, who was the last witness until his death 8 September 2004, to be willing to explain what really happened, but it always failed. It also had to ask for help Muladi the then State Secretary, Jusuf Kalla, and M. Saelan, even asked the House to summon M. Jusuf. Until now, the National Archives of effort never materialized. Another key witness, is former president Soeharto. But with the death of former President Soeharto on January 27, 2008, made history Supersemar more difficult to uncover.
With confusion Supersemar that, among historians and the laws of Indonesia said that the event Supersemar G-30-S/PKI and is one of the history of Indonesia that is still dark.

Super Semar Army Version
Super Semar Other Version