Friday, October 26, 2012

Blitzkreg WWII famous Strategy

Blitzkrieg is WWII most efectif strategy in his time.This strategy use the fast move in war and using large forces of tank  to attack a place like the invasion of Polandia by German. This strategy made by German tank officer Major Heinz Guderian when that time he was 30 years old.He think tank not only for support but for main forces and he think that is why German lose in WWI.

His opinion are on british officer too like Capten Liddel Hart and General Fuller.But their opinion had many challange from the top England Leader.The important of tank were known by General Charles de Gaule that advice the France leader to make some tank divisions but that advice didn't note by France leaders

By this strategy German can take almost all west europe.Not just Polandia France to lose because this strategy the France lose only below 1 WEEK,because their old general opinion that cavalry is the best force for war.