Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Start Japan Defeat

Six months after the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor destroyed Japan, Kaigun (Japanese Navy) sent four aircraft carriers to Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean to finish the rest of the U.S. Pacific fleet.Instead of beating the U.S. fleet, Kaigun secret communication codes successfully opened the U.S.. The number of the enemy force can be known with certainty, the time of the Japanese attack also predicted exactly, so it can be destroyed the Japanese fleet in the battle of Midway.Mogami-class cruisers Japanese warplanes targeted the U.S. within three days of the historic Battle of Midway, June 1942. On Monday (4/6), the U.S. Navy to commemorate 70 years of the battle that changed the course of World War II in the Pacific region.U.S. Fleet, led by Admiral Chester Nimitz, had a number of ships and aircraft of fewer than Japan. Pilots of the U.S. Navy also lost the experience than the fliers Kaigun. However, they managed to sink four Japanese carriers at the battle of the first day in a war that lasted three days.Many Japanese fighters and bombers had landed in the sea because after attacking opponent, their mother ship was already sinking. Naval power and its pilots Kaigun was completely paralyzed after the Battle of Midway Sea.The U.S. lost one carrier, 145 aircraft, and 307 personnel. Instead, Kaigun lost four aircraft carriers, a heavy cruiser, 291 aircraft, and 4,800 sailors and pilots in the Battle of Midway. In fact, a senior officer Kaigun noted, "Midway is a crippling battle Kaigun force for good."Midway is a crushing defeat that the Kaigun cover the news that the Japanese public is unknown, even to the end of the Pacific War.In occupied Japan, news of the defeat of the closed meeting that Japan did not lose face. The late Des Alwi said in his notes, his adoptive father, Sutan Syahrir, which operates radio news dark knowing defeat of Japan at Midway.Des Alwi, who works for a Japanese radio station RRI is now the central office in Jakarta, also monitor developments. Indonesian nationalists know the total defeat of Japan a matter of time.The key to victoryU.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Cecil Haney, Monday (4/6), together with the officers of the U.S. Navy flew 1300 miles (about 2,100 kilometers) from Oahu, Hawaii, the Midway Islands to attend the 70 Year Naval Battle that changed the course of the Pacific War. As a result of that battle anyway, Japan lost a lot of strength to finally surrendered in 1945."After the victory at Midway, we took the initiative to attack. Over the next three years, Japan only can survive, "said Rear Adm. Michael Rogers, Fleet Cyber ​​War Commander U.S. Navy, in a meeting with the media. The meeting was held in the former office of Nimitz at Pearl Harbor, last weekend, to celebrate the success of the U.S. Navy intelligence dismantle the Japanese secret code that became the key to victory.General description assess U.S. victory is a combination of the pilot dive bombers (dive bomber), Japan strategic error, and Lady Luck sided with the Americans.Rogers explained, in May 1942, Station Hypo (Combat Intelligence Unit at Pearl Harbor) and a number of experts working together to understand the Japanese war plan. Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mac Showers (92), Hypo station staff who are still alive, said intelligence information is the key to the U.S. victory against Japan."Admiral Nimitz explained a few days after the battle, without the sharpness of U.S. military intelligence, we can be sure the paper in the American continent will contain news of Japan back to win and occupy Midway Islands," said Mac Showers, as quoted by the Associated Press.In sum, the Japanese ship 4 times more than the U.S. ships. Japanese pilots were veterans of the war in China, Southeast Asia, and the attack on Pearl Harbor. In fact, Mitsubishi Zero fighter (the Allies called Navy "O") is much more agile than U.S. warplanes.Although superior in numbers, technical, and experience, the Japanese did not know anything and movement of enemy strategy. The head of U.S. Fleet Kaigun estimated to be around the Solomon Islands, east of New Guinea. Ahead of June 4, 1942, the Japanese do not know the U.S. Navy was busy preparing the base to move to Hawaii to Midway, which will be invaded Japan.Code 45 000Previously, Nimitz received intelligence reports about the Japanese secret code that solved the U.S. Navy. Japan when it was using a secret code using 45,000 digit number representing words and expressions. Cryptographer dismantle a secret code with the help of computers."We had to unload one by one code that appears. After that, a combination of finding the code to know the meaning. All done very carefully and very tiring, "Mac Showers explained.Before the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, the U.S. side has got to know the meaning of a small Japanese secret messages. Over time, they increasingly understand the Japanese secret code, especially in May 1942. The U.S. knew Japanese fleet was moving to a target in the Pacific with the code "AF". Nimitz and his officers suspect that the location is coral islands, which includes Midway Islands.Nimitz sent a reconnaissance aircraft in a number of atolls believed to be the target of Japan. Determining occurred when U.S. headquarters in Oahu, Hawaii, received a request from Midway to improve desalination facilities. Not long after the Japanese secret messages intercepted in Australia and Rochefort unit in Hawaii to get the message "AF" shortage of fresh water. Nimitz was convinced "AF" was Midway!sure ”AF” is Midway!