Monday, August 20, 2012

Stranger Landed In Indonesia

Stranger Landed in Indonesia

In 1509 Portugese arrived at indonesia
They land on ternate lead by Alfonso D’Albuquerque,first their mission is to find spices,the native accept their come,but after time passed the portugese start to monopoli the trade,forces the native to admit their power control ternate and the portugese kidnape and kill Sultan Hairun.

In 1521 Spanish arrived at Indonesia
They land on Maluku lead by Yuan Sebastian Del Cono,their expeditios from spain lead by Ferdinand de Magelhaen and Yuan Sebastian Del Cono,but ferdinand killed in philippines.When they arrived they met the portugese dispute to stop dispute they make agreement the contents:Portuguese descendants of the west line of Saragosa and Spanish on the east line of Saragosa

In 1596 Dutch arrived at Indonesia 
They land on Indonesia lead by Cornelis de Houtman,their mission is to find spices so they made VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie)Voc purposes as follows:

-to compete with other trading
-to compete with other Dutch trader
-to improve the financial state
-to monopolize trade spices

The VOC has some special feature
-can make own money
-has own soldier

The Dutch has colonize Indonesia for 350 year and stoped by japan.

In 1811 British

In 1811 British can defeat Dutch in Indonesia officialy england control Indonesia so Governor General 
Lord Minto choose stanford raffles to make government in Indonesia
england control in indonesia didn't last long
in 1813 occurred between the Dutch coalition with the British to deal with Napoleon Bonaparte
In 1814 between the English and the Dutch signed a convention London which read:

-english return of Indonesia to the Netherlands

-British rule in India

Indonesia handover from British to Dutch hands in 1816. since then, ending British rule in Indonesia.

In 1942 Japan
In 1942 japan defeat dutch and stop their control in Indonesia,first the native accept japan came and make them hero but the japan is worse tha dutch they more cruel,but in 1945 japan promising independen to indonesia but that just their trick to make indonesia support japan in world war 2
in 6 August 1945 America drop bomb to hiroshima and in 9 august 1945 to nagasaki and make vacuum of power in Indonesia and the young man use this moment to independ indonesia and in 17 August 1945 Indonesia declare their Independen....!!!!!